Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moving Week!

Hey everyone!

  I am at Panera's because our internet has been turned off in preparation for moving, and some things are packed, though because we are planning to move one or two rooms at a time we are not going crazy packing everything, but I tell you it is amazing how time consuming even our 'little' moving way is!

  Just got back from California on Sunday, and sorta missed Mother's Day all together because I was on two different planes or racing between planes on Mommy's Day.  Somewhat got a little of that time back on Monday with one of my girls and my sister, but still need to spend sometime with Boo (Becca-- Tory's Mama).

  Friday is officially the first day of our move, and honestly I am sooo stoked! Finally after all the meltdowns and all the prayers we are going to be changing locales!  I already made new acquaintances and have found a local church community we can be a part of.  Beyond that we will be close enough to our Byz church to be involved every Sunday.  These are the things that have been lacking here for the last ten years.

  I have many friends here that I am leaving and even a couple daughters, a niece, sister, and a couple grandkids, but I also am excited to meet new friends, and it's not like I am a day away from my family and friends, just two hours.  But that two hours is a world of difference!  I know many people love a small town, but I love activity.  I love to have things to do.  I am so tired of my kids having a movie theater and that being it!  I have tried not to complain.  Instead finally I took action, and because of that we are moving!

 Now we will see how good of a chance we can make this.  I believe that is on us.  Because we can make this the fresh start that we have all craved or the same old bull pucky that we have dealt with.  It is on us and how we respond to our new space.  So hopefully we'll make our life what we have all wished for.  My personal plan is to be more consistent in blogging and social media stuff, and spending more dedicated time in church and with God.  I plan to make things more structured.

 So we'll see how I do with this new adventure, but for now I have a hundred things to do, and I've been here for two hours trying to catch up on the social media and blogging, and checking things out for the move. So I guess this is Cat out-- talk to you after May 20 when I will have internet in the new house!  Stay tuned to see how this new adventure goes!