Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review of Dallas Fire & Rescue: Red Hot Reunion

Last month I read a short fun novella by Beth Hale.  It was well worth the couple hours I spent reading it and put me in a good mood.  So I wanted to share my review on here and a link if you would be interested in reading it also.


Below is the review I left on Amazon and Goodreads, so you can see if it is something you would be interested in or not:

Beth Hale has done it again!  She has created an awesome romantic story with steam, passion, and a story line that I found quite fun.  Who hasn’t been willing to do almost anything to avoid a hurtful past?  --Especially when you are talking a class reunion when high school was emotionally painful…  Would you go to your 10th reunion? 

…Well maybe with a gorgeous fireman who was also a student at the same high school--  Maaaybbeee?  Okay that makes it a little more plausible…
That is just what Hope Mathison does with Flynn Eaves.  One hitch, she pays for him to be her date via the hot fireman auction. How is this going to work?  He agrees and asks a favor of her… To come to a wedding as his date. 

This is the start of a beautiful relationship.  If only it wasn’t based on agreement instead of attraction.  Then again, is it?  What will Flynn think when he finds out all Hope’s insecurities?  Will he be willing to stick around?

Dallas Fire & Rescue: Red Hot Reunion by Beth Hale was a short (as in novella) easy read that had me laughing, and in a couple places really feeling Hope’s pain from the bullies of her high school years.  It sizzled in another few places.  Flynn was an easy going fun character, and Hope’s best friend, Marion made the perfect side kick.  The story was well thought out. I loved the ending and the reunion.  It’s nice when there is a little bit of comeuppance too.

If you like romance, this is a great quick read.  I sure enjoyed it!