Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mason City went wonderful!

I was blessed today to meet a bunch of really neat people.  Today it really hit me that I'm doing this for more than The Key to Her Heart, and more than selling books-- although that is nice too.  When I go someplace to promote my book I also get to meet the people that live there, and I get to hear their stories and share a smile.  And someplace between my nervousness and their great kindness in allowing me into their world I forget to worry and I forget to over think everything, and I remember to laugh first at my silliness of being nervous then because they fill me with a new joy and new stories about something that is way outside of me.

Today I first met Carolyn-  She's a wonderful Christian lady who blessed me with her joy and total love for God.  If she was the only person I met, then it would have not been a wasted trip because I knew while I was talking to her that it was definitely God who brought me there and his purposes are awesome!

I also met Jordyn- She is a quiet survivor, and I am proud to have been able to talk with her and gotten to know her a little.

I met Janice  who I was brave enough to go up to and start a conversation with at my daughter's urging (actually my publicist daughter kicking my butt!  I had to go walk around the book store talking to the people that were there!)  Janice laughed with me as I told her about my silly nervousness!

I met Dave who told me about a baseball player named Rick Reuschel  (one of my main characters in the book is Patrick Rueschel) and I didn't know that baseball player even existed!  So now I've got to do some research!  That's so cool!

I met Brandon who brought his fiancee to see me, Rachel, and we talked for forty five minutes.  We had such a wonderful chat!  All three of us shared laughter and stories.  I was so blessed to meet them!

These are only some of the people that I met, and I realized above everything else that the people I have gotten to touch lives with really make this so awesomely wonderful.

My next chance to meet new people is next Saturday March 8th in Council Bluffs, Iowa from Noon to 2PM at Tazza Bi Caffe  and then March 22nd in Albert Lea, Minnesota from 10AM to Noon at Cup of Faith.  I am so looking forward to meeting new people and am so grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you for reading, coming to my events, and just in this unique way allowing me to be a piece of your life and being part of mine.

This is a grateful Cat out realizing how truly blessed I really am!