Thursday, July 24, 2014

Really stressed out!

Alright I am blogging just as a release.  So please bear with me.  On July 10 or so I found out my son had taken my daughter's credit card and spent about 200 dollars.  Two days later I found out he had taken mine and spent even more.  Needless to say I was livid.  Thought about sending him to military school, or numerous other alternatives-- lost it completely, and nearly had a seizure when I do not have a seizure disorder.

 He bought the neighborhood pop  and candy from stores that were nearly two miles away, bought himself a twenty dollar hair cut right after I trimmed it and it wasn't different enough that I could even tell, bought stupid toy helicopters that got broken the same day, and ice cream & tee shirt to prove he was there when he is allergic to dairy.

In all he spent very close to, if not over, six hundred dollars and we still do not have a complete total.  That night I only knew about the two hundred plus.  I lost it.  I buzzed his hair that he goes balistic over.  I put him on a six month restriction.  I took away most of his favorite things, and when I wanted to beat the tar out of him I had him do push ups instead.

If you think I'm joking about any of this I'm not.  I decided I would do military school at home basically because I still wanted to make sure his emotional needs and spiritual needs were met.  But he stole his sister bag of quarters (about twenty dollars) and continued to lie.  So I continued to tighten the restrictions, and Todd got involved, taking over his discipline.  Megan helped too.  Pardon my French, but Megan can be ten times the hard ass that Todd and I can be put together.  He better shape up...

A week and half passed before it started to get better.  By that time I had him going to morning Mass with me at least three days out of the week (one of the only things he doesn't complain about).  He was up to doing twenty five push-ups at a time without complaining when he started out being barely able to do five and screaming while doing them how much he hated us and couldn't stand the 'abuse' we were putting him through.

The problem has been that he keeps sneaking the stuff we took from his room, but our solution is to do a room inspection every day.  Another problem was severe mouthing off and slamming his door, but we removed his door.  To cover the money he spent we closed his savings account from when he use to do the papers.  That didn't quite cover it, but at least it paid back Hope and helped us cover the credit card bills.  He is shaping up and doing better-- at least until Todd left for China on Sunday.

All hell broke loose Monday morning when I asked him to wear his glasses.  He ended up on the floor throwing a tantrum that a two year old might in huge thirteen year old fashion, breaking a door, and threatening to kill himself if we made him wear his glasses.  For all of that he lost the rest of the things in his room beside his bed, dresser, four outfits, seven underwear, two pjs, three pairs of socks, a crappy desk chair, his fan (we don't have central air), a pillow, and a desk.  I packed all his other stuff up in boxes to be stored until his behavior showed some progress.  I set some of the boxes on his bed while I began putting the other ones on my storage shelves in my bedroom.  He went in his room and slammed the boxes off his bed while screaming every word imaginable.  Meg gathered those up and threw them out. I was dazed in unbelief.  Not at Meg, but at my son.  Monday got worse by the way, but it really isn't about Monday I am writing-- well it is, but not exactly.

Things calmed down with our new reality.  Peter was under constant supervision.  He finally agreed he really wanted to do good.  This really wasn't who he wanted to be.  Tuesday morning he did a confession with the priest after Mass. All in all it was a pretty good day.  Tuesday evening we talked with a soccer coach who agreed on him playing soccer on the team he coached (two hour practices every day with Christian boys with a strict coach ((--hint me pulling in help when I know I am over my head and I really want to save my son from destruction)).  Another words no more hanging around getting in trouble with kids that have nothing better to do. )

Then I got a phone call that changed my perspective.  Before all of this Peter was always with three to four boys.  Two of the boys are brothers, and their mother is trying hard to keep them under control.  Monday they had been picked up by the police along with another boy that Peter regularly hung around with.  They had spray painted a church.  She was livid-- As I would have been too.  She wanted to talk to the third boy's father, but her boys wouldn't tell her where he lived, and she knew Peter had been to his house.

Now this mom is alot like me.  She could be a barracuda if anyone messes with her kids.  She also is bound and determined to know the parents of the kids her boys hang out with.  She is the one that called me when she saw Peter flashing the credit card around.

So Wednesday we (Peter, his friend's mom, and I) went to visit the other boy's dad.  My son had not been involved, but man when she had my butt a couple weeks ago I was damn well up for returning the favor.  Peter showed us the house, and went to knock on the door.  She hopped out of the car, and I came up as they were talking to him.

To make this long story shorter, the father agreed that the action wasn't alright, and that he expected better, but looking in his eyes I could see he really didn't care.  He said he would talk to his boy, but exuded complete apathy.  Seriously his fifteen year old was picked up by the police! His son may even go to jail if the church they sprayed decides to press charges!  To make matters worse there is some evidence that boy has been taking drugs and thieving from stores!  The father just seemed unmoved. We left and later the boy purposefully rode by our house a few times as if to say 'see you accomplished nothing'.  Now he has threatened our family.  The reality is it is probably just smoke, and if it is more than that I will call the police.  He graffitied my license plate, but I cleaned it pretty easily since I'm not the best at keeping my van cleaned and he didn't think of wiping the dust off first.

Today as Peter was at a basketball open gym I realized, though, how angry I am at that uncaring apathetic father and how angry I am with the thirty or so businesses that didn't even check to ask a thirteen year old what he was doing with a credit card.  Don't get me wrong I do not take blame from my son for his action, or the other three boys for their actions, but I also realized when people stand up against wrong things do change.  --Like the two people who saw what the the three boys were doing and called the police, the policemen who don't put up with this kind of crap from youth, the mom who told me of Peter's actions, the priests and deacon that have taken Peter under their wing so to speak, and the two coaches that are willing to help.

Peter thanked me yesterday for being hard on him, and saving him from being like these boys.  He realized if I hadn't he would have been right there with them.  I realized I needed to do whatever I can to help the other mom with her boys because she hasn't been blessed with finances or the where-with-all to get her boys out of 'hanging out'.  This is helping our neighbor.  My son is my neighbor as he is to the coaches, priests, and deacon.  The two boys are my neighbor as is their mother.  What is sad is, so is the other boy, but because the father takes no initiative there is really nothing anyone else can do to come beside him and change his life.  I expect (but hope not) that one day probably before he is eighteen he will be behind bars or dead.  Besides that how many lives will he help ruin before all is said and done? If he survives what kind of father will he be to his own children?

I'm sorry for being so long winded, but this is weighing on me and stressing me out.  Who's going to be the Good Samaritan.  Who's gonna be his/her brother's keeper?  If we slack our community gets worse.  Our children lose out and get destroyed.  There will be nothing left ultimately.  More stuff is not what we need, but more love.  Sometimes tough love is what it takes.  Sometimes it is standing up for others.  Sometimes being a shoulder to cry on.  Honestly the last one is what I need right now, but my husband is in China and my girls have weathered this with me, so this is my sounding board and God's been getting the full brunt of my tears.

Can you just help those around you?  Will you love your neighbor.  Because it could be the life of a boy like Peter.  Or maybe changing the life of one that other wise would by your assassin. Or perhaps you'll save him from growing up to be another terrorist.  Maybe you'll save a child or a family or whatever.  Look around find your neighbor and be the Good Samaritan.  It's not the governments' job.  It is everyone's.

This is Cat out trying to settle in and down-- still struggling.  Hoping to be heard and listened to.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Saturday Miracle

This is my sister Chris and her only child Anastasia-- Ana for short .  This picture is from Ana's birthday party on Saturday.  They are my Saturday miracle.  You see I don't usually take pictures, but Saturday & also Monday are very special days.  Saturday was the celebration of what actually occurs Monday the 21st.

 Last year on Ana's birthday Chris was high on Meth.  To make matters worse she and Ana were being threatened to the point of being afraid for their life.  Not the best birthday present for then seven year old Ana.  For complete understanding of what was happening last year goto:  July 22, 2013 For the love of broken children

This year as Ana celebrates being eight years old, my sister celebrates one year clean off of drugs.
She has worked hard.  Ana has been through a tough year.  Both of them are doing better.

Last year on a very bitter Tuesday, just a day after Ana's seventh birthday I had to make the hardest decision of my life.  You can read about it in the post I referenced above. I am the friend I talk about in there.

I choose to commit my sister to a rehab center for both saving her life-- she has a heart condition that Meth could have caused to go in a horrible direction & protecting Ana's life.

My sister hated me.  She swore she would never speak to me again.  I was sure she wouldn't too.  The first week was rough, and the rest of the summer wasn't a piece of cake either. Ana stayed with me for part of the week and with her father for part of the week.  It was rough on Chris only visiting Ana and it was hard on Ana being away from her mom.

The drugs hurt Chris's ability to reason or function.  She had alot of trouble understanding what was going on.  By the time Ana started school in August Ana's father wanted me to commit Chris to a mental institution.

I refused.  I was dealing with Chris daily and I saw how hard she was trying and I saw how many people were helping her.  There has been a couple from her church that took over as 'Mom' & 'Dad'.  They have been the parents I could not be to her and the ones that she lost even while she was a girl.  They have spent everyday with Chris and helped her learn to be a good mother.  Sue or 'Mom' as Chris calls her has taught Chris to quilt.  That has filled her time and helped her make a little bit of money.

But last year I didn't know this birthday would happen, and seeing mother and daughter together happy and excited for life just reminded me of the miracle both really are!  I am so grateful for my sister and my niece. Even more I feel so blessed to see the healing that has happened in my sister, and within her motherhood.  Today she is a better mother than I've ever seen her be before.  Ana is a lively smiling eight year old who's holding her own in school too.  Things could have been so much worse.  But they are very good, and so----

That was my Saturday miracle--  To remember how bad it was last year and witness how good it was this year.  I said a big prayer of grateful praise.  And decided this was an awesome story to share.  I even told Chris I was going to share her and Ana's story.  Hope I put a smile on your face too because the two of them sure put one on my lips Saturday.

This is Cat out wishing you happy blessings!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nerium AD --Final Analysis

Alright, so here are the final photos.  See what you think.  Left is from tonight and right was the day I started Nerium AD.

July 5, 2014 at about 10 o'clock at night
So what do you think?  I started out with skin in good condition.  So I wasn't expecting anything too dramatic.

When I hit that third day and was having the itching and warming I almost gave up, but now looking at these two photos I'm glad I didn't stop using the Nerium AD night & day creams, because I definitely do see a difference.

On the left that is me about an hour ago.  On the right is me at the same time in the same spot on July 5th.  So this is twelve days apart.  Nerium says to give it a month.

What do you think of two days shy of two weeks?  Could it sell the product? Well I think it may have sold me on it.  Whether I will just be a customer or will try to have others try it I do not know, but it did make a difference in my skin.  The other thing my face and neck are softer too.

Looking at these pictures my face isn't as puffy either, which I hadn't noticed until I saw the two photos side by side.  So if you would like to try a similar test of the product twitter me or facebook me.  I'll get you in contact with the right person.  I think I'm going to keep using it for the next month and then take another photo.  Because I'm kinda impressed-- normally that doesn't happen too easily.

On August 5th I will post again with photos and see how much difference there is then.  In the mean time tell me what you think.

I'll post tomorrow on another subject, but for now--

This is Cat out and going to sleep.  I've got a big day tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More on Nerium AD

I've been using Nerium AD for over a week. During the first three days I was ready to give up.
If I had I think I would have missed the real story.  In another couple days-- Wednesday or Thursday-- I will post my final pictures for you to compare.  Meg says looking at my skin makes her want to try it too.  One thing is for certain, my skin is much softer.  The tone is much more even also. 
So why am I waiting to make a determination?  I really want to see the comparables too. You know I can look in the mirror but that is still subjective. When I look at a close up first of all I look pretty goofy-- but in all seriousness it doesn't lie.  So I am waiting to see how much difference there will be between day 1 and a couple days from now.  I will post again on that day and you can weigh in to tell me what you think.
For right now this is Cat out.

Friday, July 11, 2014

My heart breaks

I listened to America the Beautiful earlier and almost cried.  It wasn't because it is my favorite song.  It wasn't even out of being a patriot- which I most definitely am. The reason I came close to tears is because the country I deeply love and can't imagine ever leaving is being pulverized. 

I liken it to a  beautiful young woman being stripped of clothing, beaten, and cut then left to die and those that could help watching and laughing while she's bleeding to death naked and violated.

There are those out there that would turn us over to the rest of the world while our own citizens perish under the debt load that has been thrust unto our broken bodies.
Do I need to more vivid? Alright how long are we raped and left for dead before we stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!!

When do we fight back?  For heaven sakes! Secede! Or Impeach the sucker that goes by the title of president!  Whatever we have to do let's do it to take back our democracy! We have a document that is suppose to rule the way this country is ran. It is called The Constitution!

Let us call to account all who refuse to follow what it says.  If they don't like our founding document then they can go live  some place that fits them better.

But the United States of America was established to be home to the free and the Constitution was written along with the Bill of Rights to ensure that it stayed free--
As long as our politicians will follow it's principles.  We the people have the duty to take out those in office that refuse to listen to the people and The Constitution!

So what are we waiting for?

To be sold out to Mexico or some tiny country in Central America?

Maybe we're holding out for Russia or China?

How about becoming a wasteland for the sake of some third world Middle Eastern Country?

Or are we waiting to have our people imprisoned and the little we still have confiscated by the IRS because we refuse to bow to a dictator?

Oh wait that's already happening!!!!!

What is it going to take for us to wake up?

Because none of the above situations are that far away.

This is what made the tears.

If we wait we won't have any power to do anything.

If we are to survive then we must act- All of us must!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nerium test day 5

Day 1
Well this is the final day-- at least it is suppose to be.  One problem I'm not completely sure of my response.  My skin does seem to be smoother and not so ruddy.  Today might not be the greatest day to see that.  I spent the afternoon at the zoo and got a little sun-- as in pinked!  It's not bad, but since I've been comparing redness-- Well-- I might be a little more red just because of a little too much sun today.  Yep!  Right across the nose!  And you can definitely tell I'm exhausted tonight too!
Alright I've got to say looking at the side view I look less red tonight even with a sunburn than I did last night.  I want to add a post tomorrow after the color from being 'pinked' today goes down, and I'll see what I think then.  By the way day 2 of no itchy or warmth --except from getting a little more sun than I probably should have.  Well until tomorrow this is Cat out.

Last night
Tonight even with a sunburn.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nerium test day 4

Seeing some differences today and things for my face have begun to calm down.

This is from the first day when I met
with Dr. Diana and she asked me to try
Nerium AD
This is tonight.
I want to show you.  I wasn't sure anything was different until Meg took this photo on the right, and I asked her to compare it to the one she had taken four days ago when Dr. Diana asked me to try Nerium AD.  Notice the slight lines on my forehead in the left photo and how they aren't on the right one.  And the indentation near the scar by eyes in the left that isn't there in the right.  The lighting is different so coloring doesn't count on either, and my face is slight different angle in one as oppose to the other, but kinda interesting don't you think?

So hi everyone.  Here I am tonight before putting on the night cream.  Guess what? No warming sensation today, and not tonight after I put on the night cream either.  I'm feeling a little better about this.  From looking in the mirror I think alot of the redness has gone away, but let's compare day 2 and today, and see what you think.

On the left is today, and on the right is day 2.  Below are the close ups.  What do you think?

 Here's tonight on the left. And on the right day 2.  I think maybe there is some difference-- good difference.  I don't know.  I'm hopeful.  We'll see. I've got one more day, and I guess if I see more change tomorrow then I might try to continue it for a few more days to see what happens. But what do you think?  Well I guess we'll see... Anyway chime in and tell me what you think!  Tonight it's late and I'm kinda tired-- It has been a long day, so I'm gonna call Cat out.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nerium test day 3

Well here we go beginning day three.  In just a moment I'm going to do the Nerium AD night cream.  Very honest I did not do the day cream this morning because all night my skin felt warm and a little itchy-- nothing dramatic,  but even if I'm testing something I still tend to be cautious.  So I thought if it was a reaction giving my face a little break would be a good plan.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Looking at today's picture I think my tone might have mellowed a little, but it still is more red than I was on day 1.  I guess the real test will be applying the night cream which I'll do as soon as I finish typing this.  Tomorrow I'll have to not be ready to laugh at Alex as he comes bounding into the bathroom when his mom's ready to snap my picture  (just in case this is too serious-- that was joke!).

Here's a shot from tonight that is a little further away.  After applying the Nerium AD night cream again it is warm as if my face has a slight fever, and slightly itchy.  My skin feels tight.  I'm still not sure what I think.
We took pictures of my skin after I put on the cream too, but I'm still techno challenged and I hate to call my daughter out of bed again to fix my problem, and so I will show you those tomorrow for you to compare.
I'm trying to do this with the most accuracy I can so that anyone will be able to use these posts to judge for themselves.  Meg is also producing a U-tube video of at least a couple of the days so you.

I'm also trying to make a decision myself, but so far I have no opinion and I really expected to.

Anyway I'll post again tomorrow and maybe I'll have more of a feeling if I like Nerium AD or not.

Have an awesome rest of your late night.
This is Cat out.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A simple declaration.

I am half way sitting here, half way laying holding my beautiful little Tory as she zzzzs her nap away and thinking about the last several days.  I know I've posted more than ever before.  But finally realized how wrong I am if I do not speak up when I have the power to do so.

It's not just about my book, though that is what got me started in these social media forums.
It is about speaking what is right even if I'm speaking what others do not want to hear.
It is not about arguing.  For it is not my job to force others to agree.  That would negate freedom.
It is about speaking so those that can accept and need to hear can and encouraging those individuals to do what ever they have the power to do to effect change.
I have the power to speak.
I have the ability to make my voice heard.
I am not a politician but I am a voter and a citizen of this country.
I am a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a friend, a victim turned survivor, a writer, a patriot, but more than anything a Jesus follower.
For all of these things that I am I must speak out and never be silent.
It doesn't matter the trouble I get in for speaking.  There are those out there that will be getting in alot more trouble for acting out as patriots and Christians.

I make this declaration to them. 

I will in all my power speak for them if I am given the chance.
I will also speak for the weak, unprotected and powerless as scripture calls us to do.
I will do whatever I can with my handy computer keys and any outlet I am a part of to let their cause be known.
I will speak the truth even when it hurts.
I will stand up and call whoever will listen to attention even if everyone else is sitting.

There are so many out there that have much more power than I do to change this country back to the constitutional country it was meant to be, but lets face it the pen is mighty in and of itself.  Why else do we have social media?  Expression, yes, but because our little tidbits help each other, inform each other, and allow us to work together to change this world.

Guess what????  My giftings are in speaking in written form!  So my part of this is to speak out.  I swear to you my fellow patriots I will never be quiet as long as there is still a need of someone to speak!

So all of you patriots do what you can and so will I.  If God brings the ability to additional action to help our country I will not fail to listen and act, but right now, here where I am, this is what I have been called to do and I promise I will continue.  I believe in all my heart we can make a change and difference if each of us does our part.  Are you with me?

This Cat out.

My freedom and yours

I've got a question that maybe you can help me answer.  Why do some people think that their opinion is worth tearing people down for?  Isn't it alright to agree to disagree?  Maybe when we forget others are people also we forget dignity?  I realize I am opinionated, and I'll be quite honest I believe my stance is the right one, but my faith also tells me 'as far as it is possible with me to keep at peace with everyone'.  So that means allowing others to have their beliefs and their choices even if I completely disagree.  Even my second oldest daughter who is against everything I am for and vise versa would never call me or anyone names over it or threaten me in any way.

So tell me why would a stranger who has never even met me, or knows anything about me-- including the fact that I have moved almost two months ago-- call me every disgusting derogatory foul name in the book and threaten me?  This person does not even know why I have made the stands I have.  He does not understand the hell that both I and my family have gone through, or why I am going to continue to stand up for what I believe.

Let me clarify myself for anyone reading this.  I am a forty something year old woman with five children 3 of which are grown and two of which are adopted.  I have helped both my middle sister and my middle daughter with destructive life choices that could have led to their demise.  My biological mother died from being an alcoholic two years ago and my biological father died from the same some time after that.  Three of my children have some form of autism and one has ADHD. Three years ago my oldest daughter was raped resulting in her becoming pregnant.  She was advised by many to have an abortion.  Yes it was her choice, and she choose to parent her son.  He is one of the biggest blessing in her life, and she credits choosing life for him as one of the biggest things that helped her heal from the rape.  At the same time that my oldest was pregnant so was my seventeen year old.  She gave birth to a little girl that her father and I adopted.  I could go on.

To the person who spoke so haphazardly:
Please if you do not know me don't assume who I am.  I am an intelligent woman who has chosen to live a conservative life and I get flack for it every day either by the media or by having to shut my mouth when someone that thinks they know everything about everything begins to spout off about something they have never experienced.  I can tell you every time that has happen I could have talked the person down very quickly because I had been through what they thought they knew so much about, but what good would have that done either of us?  I decided on peace instead.  Sometimes I got to know the person and they realized their error later.  Sometimes not.  I also choose to live in a country that once promised freedom even to our most vulnerable.  I have freedom to believe as I choose, and so do you.  I am not forced to agree with you, and you are not forced to agree with me.  I have the freedom to speak out and so do you.  My personal code of ethics will not allow myself to tear you down even if I completely disagree.  Your freedom allows you to attack me with words that you cannot back up, and obviously if you would lower yourself to do that you do not have a personal code of ethics that I can begin to understand.  You have the freedom that you could do that.  I still have the freedom to speak out, and so I shall.--not against you, but what I believe is wrong.

I believe Obama should be impeached and removed from office.   #OiP #DClisten
I believe that every person was born with dignity that cannot be taken away.
I believe our country should defend all it's citizen-- especially it's freedom fighters when they have been held without trial in another country.
I believe that abortion is wrong.  I will fight against it, but I will not defy a woman's dignity doing it.  In the end it is a woman's choice whether she chooses to allow her child to be murdered.  Though is it alright to murder?  I don't believe so.  If I encounter this woman before she makes this choice I will offer her all the help I can, and I will do all in my power to help her protect her baby's life.

I don't believe it is alright for the President of the United States to be a bully around the world when he doesn't need to be, and to be a pacifist when he needs to be standing up for American citizens.
To me Benghazi was wrong.
The marine in a Mexican jail is an atrocity and should have already been released and brought home.
I don't believe the IRS should be treating religious organizations as if they are criminals.
Honestly I think the IRS should be disbanded and we should go to some kind of fair government tax based on purchases.
I don't believe half my income should be going to the government. It is though.
I don't believe families that are poor should be stuck on welfare because of being penalized if they are trying hard to support themselves while the ones that do nothing are rewarded.  
I don't believe Hobby Lobby winning was a bad thing.  It actually gives me hope that there is still religious freedom in this country.

And the final point is-- this one is going to get me in a whole bunch of heat, but it is what it is.  I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

You may not agree with me on any of these things, or you may hold the same beliefs. I don't know.  I do know that this is my country just as it is yours, and I will defend what I believe with my actions and my words in my everyday life and here in writing.  You have the right and freedom to do the same.  But calling anyone a whole bunch of unsavory names and threatening them in any form does nothing but belittle who you think you are.  It makes one look weak, petty, and unschooled.  I don't think any of us want to be viewed that way no matter where our beliefs are.

The other thing it really does not change what I am going to do.  I just makes me think you are afraid that people of my persuasion might actually change things.  And wouldn't that be wonderful???  Have a wonderful day.

This is Cat out.

Nerium test Day 2

Hey everyone!

Well I used the Nerium AD night cream last night and used the day cream this morning.  My skin has felt a little warm all day-- not sure if that is the weather or the cream.  Very honest I don't usually use any kind of moisturizer since I tend toward oily skin rather than dry.  In the winter I'll use a little as needed.  In the Midwest's steamy summers I use nothing but a cleanser each evening and plain water in the morning and for the most part I do not wear make up.  So the warmness could just be my skin is not use to having something on it or it could be a slight reaction I really don't know, or it could be the weather.

In just a moment I am going to do tonight's dose then I'll load pictures and you can see for yourself what you think.  

 I just used the night cream, and the warmness is back as soon as I put it on.  Also when we took the second set of pictures I noticed even in the exact same spot and same lighting my face looked as if the lighting was different and my skin is quite a bit more red.  You can judge for yourself.  We even took a short video and Meg's going to add that to U-tube.  I also want to tell you that a slight reaction is somewhat normal because Oleander is toxic to the human body, and so the skin does react-- now is that why it does some good?  Is that what causes a change?  I don't know.  Homeopathic preparation use a trace amount of something that may be toxic to cure the problems it causes-- I know that's not the exact way it works but a quick good summation.  So does Nerium AD work on the same principle?  I don't know.  This is the reason I am trying it in this manner.

This is me on day 1 close up
 about the same time as tonight 

 This photo was taken last night night before I began using Nerium AD, in my bathroom by the window.  I had just washed my skin and it was dry with no makeup or moisturizer.
This is yesterday just a little further away.
There Tory is in the middle of everything!
This is yesterday as I was putting on the
Nerium AD night cream.

In the third picture I am putting on the Nerium AD night cream for the first time.  It takes alot of water on your hands and your face otherwise it is reallllly sticky.  With the water it's not too bad.  When it dries-- which takes a few minutes it feels tight and slightly itchy, but nothing terrible.  

To compare-- it feels like my skin would after I washed off a skin mask and gently patted it dry with a towel. 
It definitely smells like Oleander.  I remember that smell from being raised in California where big Oleander bushes flourish as part of almost everyone's landscape. 

This was tonight right before I put on the night cream.

This is the same time just further away.

This fourth photo is a close up in the same lighting as last night with my phone taking the picture as well as last night at the same time approximately. 

The fifth is just further away as we did last night.

Down below is last night's close up and tonight's close up side by side.

Alright so what do you think?
Tomorrow I'll compare all three days.  I can definitely see a difference just not so sure it is the difference I was hoping for, but maybe tomorrow will be better.
last night

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nerium test Day 1

This post is something completely new for me-- bear with me because I realize I have posted quite a bit especially the last few days, but the type of posting this is is new.

My nautropath and I talked today.  She peeked my interest with a skin care product called Nerium AD.  It's an anti-aging cream and though I get compliments alot about looking younger than my age I want to stay that way,  Plus it's suppose to be all natural, and have amazing results.  She also thinks it an awesome company.

Now she is a person that I listen to.  She is well respected and she is smart.  She doesn't just willy-nilly put her trust in anything, and she is a conscience person.  To top it off she is a very smart and instinctive person.  So if she wants to tell me about this company and their product I am going to hear her out and give stock to what she says.

I am a completely anti-chem girl.  Even my laundry detergent is organic as is everything I put on my body and most of what I put in my body too.  Yes for any one wondering I tend to be anti-antibiotics and even anti-aspirin.  My worst offense is probably coffee and that is not a habit only a treat.  I am one of those real weirdos that love fresh carrot juice and live for a really good spring mix salad with Feta cheese and young fresh veggies of all kinds.  Top it with cilantro avocado dressing and I've just described my dinner tonight after I came home from getting my hair cut.

So anyway back to my mission here.  Both Hope and Megan upon researching the company found some disturbing reports from various sources.

 Now to recap I trust my nautropath and I don't generally trust 'reports', but I also am a realist.  I know anyone can be duped.  I consider myself to be reasonably smart, but I am not above believing something that is not true and finding out days, months, or even years later.  Then I feel like an ass. ' Really don't like when that happens and I tend to be cautious so it doesn't happen often anymore.

Call me a skeptic or cynical, or whatever, but I wasn't just ready to run with this until I knew what to believe.  Besides if the reports would prove to be true I would want my health care provider to know because she is a good person and would not be purposefully trying to sell something that could cause harm.  I know her and I know her care and love for people.  Then what is the answer?

I agreed I'd try the product for five days.  Well I figured if I liked it I would be telling everyone about it anyway.  Add it up.  I decided to do this 'live' if you will.  This is day 1.

 I used Nerium AD night cream tonight right before posting this.  I have pictures before, and after. I'll share those tomorrow because my wonder daughter who helps me with tech stuff has gone to bed already. I'll post each day for the next five days and tell you what I think of it.  I'll also post the pictures of each evening I use it.  Then I will stop using it for a week, and I will take pictures then, because it is not just how your skin does when you are using a product, but how does your skin do if you stop it?  Does it actually make the skin healthier or just appear that way and then have it fall apart when the product is out of stock or can't be afforded or what have you?  If it is actually doing what they say, then my skin will be better for it after I stop too.  And I will know it actually made it better.  I have extremely sensitive skin and it rashes up or feels it's on fire easily.   So this is also a test for those that do have tender skin.

My girls are a little concerned because the main ingredient is Oleander which by all accounts is poisonous, though natural-- that debate is a whole different post.  It's a bio-engineering company that has developed it, and pharmaceutical and bio-engineering go hand in hand so I am super skeptical just because of that.  It's direct marketing so that to me is suspect.  I've done my fair share of direct marketing sales and I realize the super pitfalls and am not a fan. All in all if something goes astronomically wrong with this I will not be surprised, but if it goes right then what?

Honestly if I would even think I would want to sell it I have to be sure it's something I could endorse.  I have a code of ethics-- a deep moral code.  I will not lie to people. --No matter what.  I also will not pretend to be something I am not, and tell someone this is a great product unless I have used myself and can stand by it.

Beyond everything else there is an even more important reason to do this.  My mom is the anti-aging market's favorite buyer.  If this works then I have her dream gift, but I would never send it to her or even tell her about it unless I knew it was completely safe and beneficial.  I wouldn't do that to anyone else's mom either.  So I am using myself as the test mouse.  Hey why not?

Soooo, please tune in and watch each day.  Weigh in on the pictures and tell me if you see a difference-- either positive or negative.  Even tell me how totally absurd I am!  You are right if you think that-- I am.  Ask my daughters they will tell you!  But please be a part of this because this is really different and I really don't know how this is going to go. Talk to you tomorrow evening-- or before???

This is Cat out.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

This is a call out!

Yesterday obviously was Independence day, and after the fireworks-- which were amazing!-- I saw a Tweet on twitter.

 It was the Obama Impeachment Party.

I joined because honestly Obama has done nothing but tear this country apart, and I'd like to see someone seriously consider impeaching him.

So I joined and hash tagged  OiP.

And this is a call out for all those out there that are feeling a little squeezed by our Chief of Staff.

 Join up-- maybe someone will listen if enough speak up.

 Since I have this blog I figure lets do more than just join.  I decided to use the forums such as I have to give a call out.

 If you disagree-- This is a free country (well it use to be and I want it to be again) you can just ignore my noise, but if you agree then do something.

Make some noise.  Cause a ruckus that our 'powers that be' won't be able to ignore.

If it's possible to change and get the congress to listen, then lets do it.

Now Who's With Me?

 If you are hash tag  #DClisten.

Let's change this.  Let's bring our country back to being a free wonderful place that it has been in the past.

 WHO'S WITH ME????????????????????

This is Cat, but I've got more to do so I'm not out!

Had a blast! On the 4th of all days!

Okay!  Yesterday I had a melt down, and today-- Man I had fun!  We went to the best fireworks event since we lived in Louisville back in 1998!  Todd and the girls and I would go to Thunder Over Louisville every year.  Once you see Thunder it spoils other attempts at a fireworks display.  Until today!  So just wanted to update everyone, and tell them the Quad Cities can put on quite a show!  And I even cheered and clapped!  Who ever was in charge of the fireworks display gets five stars from me!  The only thing they could have done better was to set it to music, but it isn't Thunder--  That was said with a big cheesy grin like the one in this picture with my granddaughter/daughter Tory.

There were fireworks going off everywhere!
She wasn't quite sure what to think, but I was
loving it!
 Okay maybe the grin in the picture isn't exactly cheesy, but when I made the above comment I had a much cheesier grin with a chuckle too.  Gotta say we are loving our new town!  And if you are reading this from Louisville then you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say once you've seen Thunder you're spoiled for other shows--  But I tell this one tonight was awesome!  ANND I'M SOOOOO HAPPY right now.  Fireworks are a big deal to me-- Don't ask me why, but I love to watch them.  I am scared to death of lighting a match, but watching fireworks--  That's like totally my thing.  Where we lived before I'd hide out on the 4th because it was pathetic.  This is a BIG deal. I'm living in a place that people care about things likes fireworks...  This is really cool!!!!!

Anyway I hope everyone's 4th of July was awesome, and wanted to get on and wish you and our country the best Independence Day yet!  Hope you had good family time, good food, and a good blast of those colorful things exploding in the sky!  Guess what?  This is Cat out.  <  >
                                                         :   OKAY  I was trying to make funny face--but it didn't quite go over so well-- so just imagine I'm smiling realllllly big and kinda making fun!  I'm feeling goofy tonight for anyone that's doing research on emotions!  Now this is really Cat out!