Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Things I like

There are a number of things that are my favorites.  This is just a silly little assignment I gave myself. But since I know a lot of writers I decided to share my list and see how many I have in common with them... Or maybe those of you out there that are just reading this blog for the fun of it. How many do you have in common with me?

So here is a list of my favorites:

1. At the top of my list is God and everything about heaven.  It is not just that I am a church goer, but heaven and the spiritual world totally fascinates me.  Scripture is real to me.  Prayer is life.  The saints, as I get to know them, become close personal friends.

2. My family.  Man I love hanging out with my kids!  My husband is my best friend.  My siblings and I are very close even though we don't spend as much time together as I would like.  My mom and I talk on the phone every few days...  You get the point.
3. I love writing!  Love it!  Everything I experience gets written someplace at sometime.  Sometimes it is as a blog post.  Sometimes in a personal journal.  Sometimes in a story fictionalized so no one realizes it is something that happened to me. But one way or another it gets written.

4. I love reading and doing reviews.  They are fun.  It is nice to read a great book then tell people why you loved it. 

5. I really super enjoy my friends and great conversation,  So many times I sit down with one of my adult daughters or a few of my close friends and we get in a conversation about an idea of theirs or mine, and it sparks and we can be talking for hours about it.  I think that is the coolest thing around.

6, Natural health ideas and discoveries are another thing that makes my world work.  Whether it be natural birth, or eating healthy, or NET, or talking about a new alternative health center that has opened up, or finding out about a new herb that helps your brain function at its best.  These are just the topics that have sparked me this week.

7. I love being positive and seeing the world as good.  In the same category I love seeing the best in people,  I am learning (albeit slowly sometimes) to keep my positivism even when people disappoint me or when my world comes crashing down around me.

8. I love kids.  Everyone's kids.  Just because they are kids!  I think children are the best part of this world and I love on them if they are close to me. If they are at a park or store I will smile at them.  It's just love. I think kids should get all our love so they are filled up with goodness.  I think we should slow down and let kids be kids instead of trying to make them mini adults.  They will be adults before we know it and the thing that will make them the best adults they can be is all the love they received as kids.

9. Peace...  I savor peace.  Not like no noise... Because let's face it my house is boisterous and always has been.  It probably always will be, but I love laughter, finding joy at the weirdest times. It is doing things well and avoiding extra drama.  I love the moments the family is watching a movie and we find something totally corny we all laugh at together.  Christmas morning and Christmas Eve are in this spot.  The chanting scriptures and prayers in church is the most peaceful thing around.  The few quiet moments as I get to hug my son and he is not embarrassed his mother is hugging him are sheer joy to me.  Doing a reading lesson with my five year old, and she reads the word by herself are bliss. You get what I am talking about when I say peace

 10. The last one is history.  I love my own personal history, family history, national history, biblical history, world history.  It is part of what makes each of us who we are.  It is the legacy we pass on to our children and their children.  Finally it is what we learn from to make a better world-- even if only in our own family.

This is a list of my 10 favorites in order of significance in my life.  It is not a complete list, but I only told myself I needed to get to 10.  So what are your favs?  Curiosity killed the cat...  It is a saying that I've heard all my life because I tend to be very inquisitive... But it hasn't been my death yet! So what is important in your life?

This is Cat out...