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Review for Pretty Maidens All in a Row by J.M. Brown

Usually I stick with romance (Christian mostly) of the historical or high suspense category or Amish stories, but I have to tell you I am glad I don't set hard and fast rules, because this was an excellent read...  A dark, tense, intense read.  So here is my review below:

Review of Pretty Maidens All in a Row

J.M. Brown built a frightening thriller. I say built because each step is laid upon the other. The mind of Richard Reed is explored long before he attacks. The delusion and deception is pure evil, and you want to cringe as you read of his activities. You are along for the ride as an unstable mind becomes twisted in a black upside down world.

You know he is going to attack. The process makes you want to scream. You can see it happening, but can't stop it. He attacks and Mary Elizabeth's life is forever marked. At the same time her very survival afterward depends on Jack. In the story you will get to know Jack Ashton. He's Mary Elizabeth's music teacher. Their lives intersect through out the story.

Just as Mary Elizabeth's life truly recovers, strange things start happening once more. Again that same slow process begins, and you're left becoming more and more tense. This time you are wondering if it is Richard Reed getting ready to pounce or someone new. And is he going for Mary Elizabeth or Jack? Or both?

This is a dark descending tale of a broken girl and the evil pursuer that destroys all around her and anything like her just to let her know he is coming. His sickness seeps into your skin and just can't be shaken off.

It was well written and I hated when I had to set it down. Usually I read things that are light and airy. This was dark and dangerous. It made me wonder about children who are abused and neglected-- if they will grow to be threatening and menacing. Honestly, it haunted me and when I wasn't reading it I was thinking about the story wondering what would happen next. It is a longer book. So, as much as I wanted to, I could not read it in one sitting. But it 's length allowed the author to explore the story in a depth that is frightening. The suspense and expectation is intense.

I watched Mary Elizabeth and Sally's near perfect life, and enjoyed it, but also saw the dark one watching too. His plans were sinister and whether he realized it or not, meant for evil. His darkness takes over all the light and good. It was a suspenseful and all consuming read. I would highly recommend it for those who love thrillers and suspense. You won't be let down.

If you would like to read Pretty Maidens All in a Row, here is the Amazon link for it:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Review of The Ghost of You by Kristen Darling

The Ghost of You really gets you thinking how much impact parents have on their children even when their children are adults.

Kaitlyn wants love, even though, because of her childhood, she isn't sure what it looks like. She feels fragile because of panic attacks that began when she was still a teen, but she doesn't realize how strong she really is. Her past haunts her, and her present haunts her, yet she doesn't succumb to it. Each day she goes to work and she works at the relationship issues that are around her. Thank goodness for her friends, who treat her with love and kindness-- especially John and Chris.

This story is set in the present, and fifteen years before that. It is about a broken woman trying to make peace with 4 men. Her father, who she has no contact with since she was a teen; David, her long time boyfriend, who isn't exactly always the kindest to her; Luke, who is married but still pursuing her; and Chris, who is always there standing up for her and making her feel special and loved. It doesn't go the way you think it will. Although you can see what she should do, that is not what happens at any point. It is much more like real life than I would like to admit. 

 Let's face it we live in a very fallen world, and what we wish for Kaitlyn isn't exactly what happens. But watch out for the ending... Complete surprise after you've given up all hope of things going right!

Honestly, at first I didn't know what to think of this story, but it captivated me because it was so home hitting. I cheered for Kaitlyn even as I watched her life spiral. Chris was everything she needed, but she couldn't see it. Luke evoked twisted sentiments when he pushed so hard then would turn and be so kind. David just plain made me angry! --Until close to the end when I finally could see his pain. And the alcoholic father-- there wasn't any contact in the story with him, but still I came close to hating him for what he made his family go through. I understand alcoholism and what it can do to a family. I've watched in my own family of origin as it tore apart family members and created panic syndromes and other anxiety and depression disorders. What Kaitlyn suffers I have seen and Kristen Darling really portrayed it well in her writing. All together this story hit some of my own childhood baggage and really tugged at my soul, so much so I wanted to put it down and yet I kept reading because I was hoping there would be a good ending. I was not disappointed.

If you've had a traumatic childhood, you will relate to this story in ways I can't even begin to tell you!
If you haven't it is still a good story, though it will lead you in depths that are sometimes hard to deal with. It is passionate and dark at times, very filled with drama, but the love of her friends lighten it up a bit. It is full of twists, not all good.

If you would like to read this book, here is the link:

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BIG NEWS--- The Key to Her Heart is getting a new cover!

Yes it is true!  The Key to Her Heart is going to have a new cover.  In the next few days and weeks it will be on both Amazon and Smashwords and Kobo.  So are you wondering what it will look like?  Well here it is.

So what do you think?  Please let me know.  Here is the link to Amazon if you would like to check out the old cover or if you just want to know more:



Hope you love it as much as I do!

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Review of The Key to Her Heart

I have completely enjoyed reading and reviewing the books that I have in the last few weeks.  In fact, I think I've found a new passion, but in so doing I neglected one book-- my own.  So here is a review of The Key to Her Heart.

Review of The Key to Her Heart

The Key To Her Heart is a romantic suspense about a woman-- Anna, and her quest to survive. Anna is all but destroyed by a beast of a man bent on possessing her, and nothing less will do. The rest of the story he hunts her. She has to learn many hard lessons on survival and the new definition of safety. Jesse, Anna's police detective brother, tries to help her, but no matter what he does she is not safe. Anna for her part has many secrets and as the story grows so do those secrets.

This story is also about unfailing love. First there is Patrick's love for Anna, then there is Anna's love for teens even if it might cost her much more pain. Anna's path is filled with lessons. The most important is to love the unlovable and to shun hate. She also must learn to accept someone's love for her. That is perhaps the toughest lesson.

I wrote this book, and so perhaps I have a different perspective, but as I am writing Patrick's Rose, I've had to go back and just read The Key to Her Heart. It is a heart filled story of love and heartbreak, and redemption. Anna does not remain the same character she is to begin with. She is faced with harrowing abuse that changes her, but it is a journey of healing and acceptance and mistakes that must be overcome. It is a story filled with pain and sorrow and fear. It doesn't feel like she gets a break at times. There were parts that brought tears to my eyes. I could darn near feel what she was going through. But I also cheered at her strength, even when it hurt her further.

If I could give The Key to Her Heart a rating it would probably be four stars. Though it is a fast pace story I don't answer all the questions. The emotion runs deep and though it starts a little slow, the story twists and turns and takes me places even while I was writing it, I didn't expect. So four stars. Maybe someone else would think different. But if I was reading this story from someone else this is what I would say. It is a good read, and I really like it. Of course I am the author I have to say that, right? Well you try it out, see what you think. How many stars would you give it? Obviously I can't put this review on Amazon or Goodreads, but I can share it here.

Below are links if you would like to read it, and maybe you will have your own opinion.  If you do please share either on Amazon, or Goodreads or in a comment here.

Here is my book trailer:

Book Review for Today, Tomorrow, Forever Carey's Revenge

This read was awesome!  It took me into the darkest places in my mind...  Places where only the beast who hurt me and the ones that hurt my daughter could take me, and if I wasn't so bent on helping my oldest daughter heal I would have gone there.  Thank goodness I didn't, but for a few moments I went to follow the trail, and honestly loved it.  Here below is my review.  This one would get more than five stars if the system would allow!

Review of Today, Tomorrow, Forever Carey's Revenge

After reading Today, Tomorrow, Forever (Book1) there was not really a choice but to read Carey's Revenge. I've been to the darkness Carey suffers through-- granted not to the extent that he goes through it. Just as he is about to step off from the cliff to where he won't be able to recover he steps back. Thank Goodness! Man this book takes me to the black hole and sliding down it! Wow! I was along for the ride. Carey loses it, and I really don't blame him! He has lost all he loves and has nothing more, and it is because of James. James does deserve everything Carey had planned for him. As much as I know Carey is going over board, I tell you I'd be right there with him.

This is a black little story of revenge pure and simple. I am not a person bent on repaying deeds, but K.A. Duggan writes it so beautifully that I was rooting for Carey to really accomplish his goals. I can't tell you anymore or I will spoil the story surprises and there are a few. I will just say, you need to read it! Both this book and book 1 kinda go together, so read book 1 first. It will set you up to understand this one. Both are well written and will surprise you, no matter what you expect.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Review of Like Fine Wine: A Head-To-Toe Youth Restoring Makeover For Ladies Over Forty

This book really did surprise me and I really liked it.  I want to share it also with ladies out there that are like me-- over forty and not willing to be anything less than wonderful!

 Julia Black's book piqued my interest because I am a lady over 40. So I sat down to read it. Usually beauty books are not my thing-- Color Me Beautiful being the exception to that rule, but I've got to say Like Fine Wine was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed reading about beauty for women like me-- imperfect with my own set of issues. Julia had a way of reminding me that it was alright to decide to work on only what I wanted to and when I wanted to. She talked a lot about doing small things that came easy, and had such a positive perspective that I really felt comfortable reading and listening to the advise she gave.

Calling Like Fine Wine a beauty book probably isn't fair. Honestly it covers everything from outward appearance to inward attitude to poise and keeps in mind that us over forty year old women know ourselves better than anyone else. It's more of a strategy book to help you decide what you could change to become more of who you are inside. It talks about confidence and letting it show on the outside as well as giving different examples of big and little changes to be made to get to your goals. An example would be-- if you didn't like the creases on your forehead, you could do Botox or you could choose some wispy bangs to take the focus off those creases. She did not push Botox, or the other options she wrote about, or the wispy bangs. Each option was presented along with some guidelines about the price of such options, and the choice was left to the reader.

The book is written with dignity and with the thought of letting you think about what it is you want to change and giving you the options so you can decide for yourself. All in all it was a very good book, and if you are trying to figure out how to change how you present yourself or just want to update your look it would be a great resource. It got me thinking on a few of my own issues that perhaps I will do some changing on too.

For those of you who this review has piqued your interest like it did mine here is the link for Julia Black's Like Fine Wine:

Review of a Today, Tomorrow, Forever-- A book full of a few BIG surprises

Review of Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Oh my gosh! Today, Tomorrow, Forever by Kelly Duggan is a read that starts out with a bang and ends in an ever bigger bang. Enola has suffered and was damn near destroyed by a cowardly beast of a man. Five years after, she unexpectedly finds Carey as things in her life seem to be spiraling downward again. Carey gives her reason to hope and Enola gives him reason to love. This story comes on with twists you just don't expect!

I really liked Today, Tomorrow, Forever. At first it was different reading a story in first person perspective, but it instantly helped me feel what the characters were going through. It is a fast paced short novella, but it is not short on story or interest. Today, Tomorrow, Forever is out of the romantic suspense genre-- My favorite. It is definitely not short on either romance nor suspense either, especially in first person.

Carey is handsome and sort of rugged. Enola is beautiful and timid. She comes out of her shyness at the weirdest time. She is a mixture of scared and bold and is a character I really feel for. Carey could probably hold his own in any fight, yet he's compassionate and kind to Enola when she most needs it. It makes for complex characters and a complex story that doesn't end how you would expect.

It is a short novel that I would recommend to people like me that love the twists and turns of suspense with the sweetness of romance. Just be prepared to be surprised.

This book really did surprise me!  If you would like to read it, here is the link:

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Fairy World Story Starter....

Fairy stories and fantasy are not my genre.  It is not even a genre that I read, so when this that I am about to relate popped into my head a few nights ago I prayed and asked what to do with it.  Then I posted and asked questions but never got the answer I was looking for.  So this ends up here and I will post this blog in several places in hopes that some of the writers I have gotten to know would like to use it.

I know nothing of the origin of fairies, but below is the story starter that just came to me while I was in bed a few nights ago asleep.  It wasn't a dream, just words.

At the time after Earth was created, fairies were created also.  As mankind defied God and sinned against him the fairies watched knowing they could choose the same, or they could stay good and innocent.  The whole community of fairies went to God and bowed before him, making their choice to remain faithful to him.  Because of their declaration to him he gave them a special realm all their own that is about an eighth of Earth and their own time.  He gave to them the task to care for the natural world and lovingly keep it and they were grateful to him for his kindness to them and have kept their pledge to him.

Then a fairy is born that notices the human world and struggles to feel comfortable within the world she is part of.

Fairies are different than humans in that they can approach God directly, and because of not having sin in their lives they can talk to him like humans talk to each other.

This fairy that is having so much trouble goes to God and explains her difficulty and he allows her to become human, but warns her the human world is very different from the world that she has been a part of...

So here above is the story starter.  I do not know what direction it will go.  I don't even think it is for me to write.  So I present this for someone else to take over and run with if they would like to.  I almost think it is a very different take on this whole genre.  But those that read this and are interested would know that better than I do.  So this is Cat out hoping this gives some writer out there something to at least think about.

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An Update on My Son Peter

Eleven months ago in complete desperation I posted about the psychological report that rocked my world and made me question everything I believed was possible for my son,

Since then things have changed.

First, Peter is able to do so much more than those doctors thought.  This school year, if all goes right he will academically be in at least 7th grade by the end of the year (June 2016).  Right now he is working at a 4th/5th grade level all the way around except in English where he is functioning at a 7th grade level already.  Writing is probably his biggest problem, but he is learning-- thanks in part to the flack he receives when he gets on Facebook.  Writing is like pulling teeth on a daily basis, but we do keep plugging along.

Peter after running his first 5K.  Now he runs
each day.
Also he is becoming much more independent with his work, and with self care.  Honestly he is very much like a
fourteen year old-- which he is.  Maturity wise he is a few years behind, but he is learning.  We talk about how to react and how to respond everyday.  Everyday he also makes a little more progress.  Though there are days I want to pull my hair out, there are also many days where he really gets it.

Peter's biggest problem is his attitude.  He worries that he is not good enough and that he can't do something.  That sends him into a downward spiral that causes him to give everyone a hard time.  When Todd or I work with him and show him he can do it, things change.  He will work hard and accomplish even what we did not know he was capable of.  At this point he is beginning to use his sight.

That doesn't sound like such a big deal, but it is huge!  You see up until 11 Peter basically couldn't
see out of his left eye--  a little-- but his brain refused to use that eye.  Peter learned to rely on sound and learned by touch and auditory bents instead of really even using the sight he had.  Amazingly he did learn to read even without the benefit of normal sight and he played sports.

At 11 we began to see a developmental pediatric ophthalmologist who was able to help his brain recognize his left eye and restored his sight to almost normal.  Peter though had gone twelve years by that time without true sight and so continued to act as if it wasn't there.  We would tell him all the time "LOOK!"  It would take him several times of looking before he truly saw.

Lately, that has changed.  He is starting to read labels and packaging.  He is picking up books and reading them on his own just because it LOOKS like something interesting, and I am finding out he is more of a visual learner than he ever was before.  That has caused some dramatic changes in schooling for him.

Over the summer he did about six months of school work,  When he works he is so much faster than he ever was before and so he is finishing 2-3 years of catch up in a school year with no sign of slow down yet.  Things have dramatically changed from last year.

Peter with Tory and Ales in July
Part of that are some of the things we have done.  Because of that post last October I got a message from a friend that had found out about a new brain technique called QNRT.  After researching it and praying about it we decided to see a practitioner in Cedar Rapids that does QNRT.

It really helped heal up old emotional issues for Peter that were causing so much of his problems.  Also it helped make connections in his brain to help him accept his sight and begin using it.  He is still quite defensive, but it has helped him realize that the people around him aren't his enemy.

He is beginning to accept help where he needs it, and finally there are the seedlings of respect growing within him.  It will still take several years for him to really understand these concepts, but the beginning is there now.  That's amazing!  We were told this is what he would not be able to do!  Last year we went through the summer trying to keep him calm and walking on eggshells, hoping that there wouldn't be any outrageous explosions or he wouldn't end up arrested.  I use to wonder if I was just a trauma mama.  This is what prompted the psychological testing in the first place.

This summer we had one huge problem, and that lasted for about two days.  The rest of the time things were pretty good.  He even tried out detasseling-- He lasted 4 days, but at least he tried it out. After that he helped with two different church functions for two weeks and had so much fun.  He is part of a youth group where he is not looked on any different than any other teen there.  We are keeping our fingers crossed, but he seems to be keeping friends for more than two months.  When he has the same friends for six months I'll breath a sigh of relief.

In all, things are looking up.  Yes Peter still has problems, and yes the next several years are going to be tough, but if things keep up the way they have been going I think he has a shot at getting to his dreams and living independent of some agency's help.  Maybe if I can dream this big he will get married one day and have children of his own...  Maybe but he is only fourteen and right now I am focusing on getting him to the point of doing high school work.  That is our future and I can almost see it.

This is Cat out with a good update.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Review of Magnolia Secrets By Beth Hale

Here is another review.  This book was quite a bit different from the last one I read, but still a really awesome read.

Magnolia Secrets by Beth Hale is a modern day romance with a few twists. It was written pretty straight forward, and though I wish there had been a little more tension and thrillerish scenes, the story never let me down! It kept me reading from the moment it began until the happy ending. I liked the suspense and action. There was not a dull moment. To boot the ending was just as it should have been.

My heart went out to Lainey. No woman should have to face what she must. Walker would agree with me! She needs help even though she would be the last to actually admit it. Walker is bound and determined to figure out her secrets, and once he figures it out, self appoints himself to be her helper. That doesn't always go well. I loved Lainey's compassion! Though she was in the middle of a horrible situation she still gave selflessly to those around her.

Walker earned my respect by listening to Lainey even though not understanding, at first, the reason for her rules. His boss, Lainey's husband Evan, shows himself to be jealous and merciless at times and yet Walker never losses his ethics-- I would have!

Both Lainey and Walker are stretched to the max with the circumstances they are forced to play a part in. As the situation builds they are faced with quite a bit of danger and an issue bigger than even Lainey's safety.

Not to spoil the story for you, but in the end, I was glad to see a little of a redemption for Evan, though his actions made my blood boil, and he really didn't deserve it.

Overall, it was a good read that I would recommend, especially to people who love a fast pace romance. Magnolia Secrets does not disappoint.  

Meet Sherry Hanson-- one of the characters in Patrick's Rose

Sherry Hanson is a very interesting woman...

She lives near the ocean with her husband Jim.  Jim is a pastor of a medium sized church, and she is a wonderful pastor's wife...

Common brown hair and eyes,  She is of average height.  Nothing dramatic to look at her outward appearance, but when you get to know her--  Well she knows things.

Her favorite thing is seeing people's heart. She loves to help heal people, and her love more than anything is God. Her darkness is what she hides back-- the damage from a past that no one really knows about-- except Jim.  He loves her too much to divulge her secrets. Her parents were good Catholics who frowned on her marrying out of her faith, but she did and still keeps the faith she was raised with, though no one but Jim knows that too.

Sherry sees God in everything. --Hears him tell her how to handle what ever comes along, and has visions and dreams at weird times while she is awake and asleep. Sometimes darkness visits her. It has a door because what happened many many years ago marked her. It tempts her, but she is very good at giving it over to God.

 She can recognize spirits and sees the future, though she doesn't talk about it. She can tell the past of a person and she can see the truth in their life, but again she very rarely talks about it. Just because she doesn't talk about it, doesn't mean that she ignores it. Jim knows her and knows to listen to her. She is a leader, but just a quiet one. Sometimes she opens up, but only when she is specifically led to.

She trusts her visions and instincts more than anything besides God himself. They have never led her wrong.

When she meets Anna she sees the broken spirit within her, but also the love she holds tightly to. She doesn't fail to see the love between Anna and Patrick, and she loves the way Patrick gently cares for Anna. As Sherry gets to know Anna, she begins to realize the battle going on in Anna's life-- most of which Anna has no clue about. When Anna becomes pregnant the battle intensifies. Anna almost seems to put herself in harms way, though Sherry knows that is not Anna's intention, but something is moving her, and Sherry knows from her own past it is not God.

 How does she help Anna see the light? How does she save her from the destruction she has already seen? Can she save the life of the little child her pseudo daughter carries?

Sherry was first introduced in The Key to Her Heart.  She fastly became a mentor to Anna and Patrick both, but she takes on an even greater role in Patrick's Rose. Seeing her in the first book will give you a glimpse of who you will meet in Patrick's Rose. If you would like to read the first book-- The Key to Her Heart, below are the links to Amazon and Smashwords:

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A review of Orphan Moon By T.K. Lukas

This is me with books!
T.K. Lukas outdid herself with Orphan Moon, plain and simple.  Reviewing books is a new thing for me.  I try to always say something good about what I do or read.  With Orphan Moon that was easy.  It was an excellent read.  Below is my full review that I also put on Amazon and Goodreads.  I love a good romance and I am really a sucker for history, now add in a ton of adventure-- you've got me hooked.  Lukas took that and threw in some real strong characters and an interesting story to boot.  I was a happy reader!  In fact I stayed up all night reading... Just couldn't put it down.  Here's the review:

Orphan Moon           

Orphan Moon was a story I had trouble putting down. Both Barleigh and Leighselle are bright and strong characters that earn respect as this story progresses. Hughes is easily likeable immediately not just for his high standards but also for his stand to protect those around him. This story is a wild adventure from the beginning to the end. Though the events as they unfold, both the memories, and what is happening present day in the story, break your heart, there is this strength of character that comes out and you watch Barleigh shine as she makes hard choices and ultimately finds love. I really enjoyed reading Orphan Moon from start to finish.

The story begins with Barleigh losing pretty much everything that she's ever known. She takes off on an adventure to gain the money to rebuild her life for the sake of her and her baby sister. To do this she has to learn to be someone she is not. But she is up to the task and pulls it off beautifully.

Then there is Hughes... He is a rough and tumble Texas Ranger that has a friend he owes his life to. This friend, Leighselle, asks him for a favor which takes him on his own adventure.

In Saint Joseph Barleigh and Hughes meet.

This story is almost like three stories that intersect then finally join together around the middle of the book. I like that you really get to know Hughes and Barleigh separate first before their lives become intermingled. You can see that it is going to happen, but there really is two stories (three is pared down to two) going on until that point.

Orphan Moon is a great read that I would recommend to anyone who likes westerns, adventures, or romance (though I would say it is more adventure than romance for much of the story).

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What have we become???

Marketing The Key to Her Heart has exposed me more to social media than ever before.  I am a person who very rarely watches television... Even the news.  To find out what is going on in the world I sometimes will do a search when my husband tells me of an event going on.  Lately I've been on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and numerous other sites.  That has brought me into contact to reading many articles, and dealing with things that have been bothersome to say the least.  How do we change what this world has become?

A couple days ago I read a few different articles on a topic that has haunted me.  You see I am an author that has written a story about a woman who is violently raped and hunted, and ultimately she is able to heal, love and begin to live life as a survivor instead of a victim.  But I read about women being kidnapped, sold into sexual slavery and repeatedly raped even if they are close to death.  Some of the women are just girls as young as six years old...  That's only a little more than a year older than my precious little Tory.  I just cannot imagine.

Most of these girls and women are never recovered unless they are sold back to their families for thousands of dollars.  Many of them are shot if they refuse to allow themselves to be sexually tortured.  One of the pieces I read was about a teenager who tried to commit suicide instead of facing what was being done to her.  Her 'owner' told her there was worse for her when she was given back to him...  I do not know if she escaped...  Maybe so because someone wrote about her.

Why is this not as popular as a lion that was killed?  That was the question of another girl.  I ask the same question.  Why are we not attacking continuously until this is stopped?  Why aren't we helping the families this is happening to?  Instead we are worried about a statue of Jefferson Davis.  We are freaking out about the type of flags being sold while we turn a blind eyes to a slave trade much more hideous than what happened here in America before the 1860s.  Women are property.  Little girls are sex toys.  What have we become?

These women and girls have no hope of recovery if someone doesn't care.  They have no way of escape unless someone acts.  I will pray for them, and at the same time I will pray for our souls.  I will pray our stony hearts once more become fleshy.  Who will go and save them?  Who will start hunting down these beasts who would care so little about the least of us?  They are just as much a part of us as anyone.  What if it was your daughter?  Your sister? Your wife?  Your mother? Your girlfriend?  Would you allow someone to do this?  It's happening. Over and over and over.  What are you going to do?

Maybe...  I thought to myself if I presented this to someone maybe they would have power enough to gather an army against ISIS and these Jihad sexual predators!  Who do they think they are?  And why do they think they have any right to rape women and little girls?  I think they need to get their peckers back in their pants and reevaluate their priorities.  That's me putting it nicely and less bluntly than I would like to.  Why do we care so little for this and so much for things that don't make a hill of beans of difference?  Are people of so little value to us?  Why does our regime care so little?  Our President should be hot on their tails, but instead this isn't mentioned.  ISIS is doing "ethnic cleansing".  No they are stealing, selling, killing, and screwing women against their will (in America that is called raped)-- as long as they are not from good Muslim families! Let us get it straight for once .  Below are some of the articles I read.  I figured you could read them yourself.  Count it as a bibliography it is only three pieces.  I think I read about five different articles.  Honestly I stopped reading because the thought made me so sick...  Please if you know someone that can help make a difference pass this on.

Cat's not out on this one... Just taking a break to breath.

A few of the articles I read.  Here is one of the articles I read. This is an interview with a reporter that was there and talked to some of the victims.
This article has way more information than I ever wanted to know, but if you ever questioned whether it was true.  The case was made