Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fun in the Quad Cities

Sorry for the long absence.  Moving has been more time consuming than I could have guessed.

This is the blank slate we started with.
 It's amazing what my oldest can do with a bathroom canvas!

So this is just one of the many projects we have worked on!

Here's looking into my bathroom now!
  Isn't awesome?!  I love it!

This is my space each morning while I frantically brush my teeth before I run out of the house for morning Mass!
It makes me feel like I'm in some
 Oriental Tropical paradise! 

MHC is for Meg, Cat & Hope--
 This is the Girls bathroom & we are a little proud of it!

Soooo--  The Kitchen is even been more of a project--  It went from being plain and beige to plum with grapevines with a coffee and tea center.  The dining room is lighthouses and light sea foam green as is the living room right next to it.  When they are finished I promise pictures.  Anyway we've had a little bit of fun along the way.

  A couple weeks ago we got to participate in VBS.  Meg & I volunteered and Peter was in the oldest group of kids while the womb warped twins were in the youngest group.  We met so many wonderful people and may have found our during the week church home.  --Hopefully.

We did an early morning kayaking thing--
  Now is that Hope's back or mine???
 I'll let you contemplate!

 Speaking of Hope--  Meg, Hope & I went kayaking with a group of people early one Monday morning.  It was an absolute blast and we were even back home by seven in the morning!

This is the picture I took of my girls!
Next we were off to a Mother-Daughter Tea!  Oh if only Tory was a little older.  She would have loved it!  Anyway I can tell you-- I so completely enjoyed the time.  We thought we were running late, but then arrived at just the perfect time!  There was a photographer there to get our photos, but we haven't received them back yet.

 It was a more formal event where you dress up a little with hats and gloves.  We thought we were late because we ran around town trying to find a pair of gloves to buy-- failing miserably!  Gloves set aside, it was so much fun.  The fun was made by the company I got to keep.  Not only was I there with two of my daughters, but we were seated with a lady named Lisa and her daughter.  Oh my gosh!  Lisa was such an inspiration to talk with and a completely positive person.  Her daughter was a hoot!  I felt so blessed just sitting at the same table with them.

  The speaker was  Christie Schilling who has ten children.  She has a blog 10 Kids of One Mom  She started speaking and it was as if God put the exact right words in her mouth just for me.  All the things I had been worried about and asking God about for the last several weeks suddenly were being talked about with answers and all!  I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I was.  Afterwards Meg, Hope & I must have talked with Christie and her husband for at least a half hour.  They are down to earth faith filled people I think I could talk with for hours!  Her husband is Bob Schilling who is running for congressman here in the Quad Cities.  Funny I didn't feel intimidated talking to them.  I felt like I had time with fellow Catholic Christians who struggle just like all of us do.

For ten years I cried to God to give me a place where I could be involved in community and have other conservative Catholics in my life on at least a weekly basis.  I prayed for a place where I could be involved during the week and when I couldn't be at my Byz church--  Maybe it's too soon to tell if this place is the answer to my prayers, but I tell you it feels like it might be.  Hope you enjoyed to pictures and update I'll do my best to at least update each week.  Also-- I'll be telling you about the next installment Patrick's Rose.  I'm editing it and looking to sharing with you about it.
This is Cat out.