Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Giving Everyone Something to Think About

First, let me apologize for pretty much falling off the side of the planet for the last month. Second, I don't know that I will have pictures in this post because I am not sure what pictures to post with this.  Now for my something to think about.

Do you think a man with a vasectomy and a woman who was post menopausal could have a child by birth without any interventions?

Well-- I literally came out of menopause 2 years ago and my husband had a vasectomy almost 19 years ago.  I am 25 weeks pregnant today.  Not the usual thing I would talk about, and for the last month have been trying to figure out how to talk about it because it is not a typical pregnancy.

So..  I have taken three blood tests, and six urine tests and all of them have been negative. Yes I said negative.  I've also had two ultrasounds, but my pregnancy wasn't able to be seen in either of them because of the position of my uterus and the amount of scar tissue I have.  So how do I know that I am pregnant?

At 9 weeks we got our first Doppler heartbeats.  That prompted the first ultrasound.  Which then the doctors were convinced I was not pregnant, I begrudgingly tried to accept that until I started feeling movement at 15/16 weeks. At that point there was another Doppler with heart beats ranging from 120-140 in two separate locations in my lower abdomen. Two weeks later it was 126 & 140. Two weeks after that it was 164 &140s. Two weeks after that 120s & 146. Lastly it was 169, and the other side was harder to get this time but still heard faintly.

Movement is on both sides of my uterus sometimes at the same time, and sometimes only at one side, and it has been getting progressively stronger. In the last two days my oldest daughter, Meg has felt movement three time when she has put her hand on my abdomen.

Further more I look like a butterball!

And I am not even going to go into the pregnancy symptoms!  Because they have been insane!  Emotions have run crazy.  Besides just fatigue and nausea.  I went from sleeping 6-7 hours a night to needing 11 hours a night.  The first 13 weeks I was walking around in a fog, and bitchy as all get out!  Now I get weepy at various times, and fearful, but at least I am clearer during the day.  There are many many more symptoms, but for now you get the point.

We have checked all other causes and did tests to figure things out, but no one can over look the fact that my belly moves on it's own and has its own heart beat that is more than twice as fast as mine.

We are still figuring out the medical stuff, because this is confusing even for the best doctors, and I've had some that at this point have refused to see me.  But I am doing well and the life inside me seems to keep growing, moving, and proving that anything is possible.

I thought I would give everyone a heads up of what is going on and why I haven't been the best with communication, and also something to think about. Next time you hear of a woman who gives birth without knowing she is pregnant-- maybe she is like me... Or maybe she knew and couldn't prove it.   If I hadn't had a doctor that would continue to do Dopplers I would not know either.

Just saying... I will try to keep updates coming, and maybe even some pictures next time.  Also this is only the tip of the iceberg with my story--  There is much more.  I had 5 pages written and was not even close to finishing--

So this is only a little-- very little introduction.

More may be coming as I figure how to piece it.  This is Cat out-- with a smile and a little excitement about the future days!