Friday, November 13, 2015

Review of FERTS by Grace Hudson

This review took me longer to write because of the things happening in my life in the last couple months, but don't let that make you think that I didn't completely love the story.  It was an amazing read.  Below is my review and below that I will add a link for anyone who thinks they would like to read it.  If you like a thrilling, dystopian ride, then FERTS is a must read!

Wow! I don't generally read dystopia novels, but this one's plot line intrigued me, and so I decided to try it out. It was a very good read. Beth259201 (just 201 for most of the story) was an intelligent woman stuck in a horrible situation. The story is set where women are raised and taken to be slaves of men's base needs, whether sexual or fighting. Women are taught that the whole reason for their existence is to let a man do whatever he wants to her. Her whole schooling is to be pretty and seductive, if she is not good at that, then she is trained to be a fighter, and if she is not good at that she becomes the work horse for the society. That is a woman's existence. No complaining, no dignity, no love.

The society is the brain child of Pinnacle Officer Wilcox who is a deranged 'scientist' and misfit to normal society. He developed FERTS to ease his conscious of the horrible things he did in the past.

201 has instincts that tell her there is something wrong, and intelligence to realize she had better keep quiet. As the story goes on, she understands more and more. She has only one allie, and strange dreams to give her some guidance. She knows she has to do something about this, that she just cannot live this way. She 'sees' what she is to do, and it is an amazing thrilling journey as you walk with her through the bad and the triumphant!

I am very glad I read FERTS. It was well written and completely thought out story that kept me going until the last word!

Thank you, Grace Hudson, for an awesome story. My hope, with how it ended, is that there is a sequel! I would love to see what happens next.

So here is the link to buy FERTS by Grace Hudson.