Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Update on Patrick's Rose

Patrick's Rose is proving to be an interesting manuscript.  I've been editing it for two years, and hoping to publish by Mid-January...  If I am lucky/blessed!  I am 200 pages in with another 180 pages or so to go.  It is proving to be quite different than The Key to Her Heart.  It is faster paced, and has a more ahhh... paranormalish feel to it, though I would not put it in the paranormal arena, it does verge on it in some scenes.  As a teen and young woman I read a lot of Frank Peretti, and I am not writing at that level, but I've had a little bit of fun with some Christian Mystic type demon and angel interaction.  All this is within the context of the storyline and fits with the characters.  Right this moment I am not completely sure how far I am going to take it.  Also I should warn, it doesn't end or begin like anyone is expecting.  But isn't that the fun of a sequel?  If it was what you would expect it would be boring!

Anna is a much stronger character, and in some cases provokes her own problems, but I am so proud of how she takes her power back.  Will that serve her well, or will it lead her to more trouble?  She is not in the habit of just doing what people ask of her.  She has her own ideas and is determined to see them work.  Besides she has reasons she has to survive, and people riding on her success.  If she fails there is so much more at stake than just her own life.  So she can't fail, right?

Wolffe has upped his ante, and is determined to force her to his will.  To him she is his own possession and he is use to getting what he wants. So why would he let a dim witted peon have what is his?  Besides he can feel where she is.  But why does she continue to run from him?  He knows it is only because she has been duped into believing what the brainless fools around her want her to think! He also knows her biggest secret, and just when she thinks she has escaped him he finds her once more.  This time he intends to take her for his own pleasure--- never will he let anyone near her again! Does he get his way?  Or is she just a little faster and smarter?  Maybe she has a little help of the divine nature.  Or maybe he is finally going to win this battle.

Patrick is just as determined to keep his Anna safe, and he is not afraid to fight for her.  There is one BIG problem--- their life is hidden in the middle of a whirlwind. As it continues to get worse, he is not so sure either of them will live through it, but he vowed a promise as dear to his heart as their marriage vows.  He is bound to heaven above not just Anna to keep that promise.  Will he succeed or is it just another promise bound to be broken, even as hard as he is trying to make things the way he knows they need to be?

These are some of the plot questions I have been working out.  Most questions I have figured out and written, but then as I am editing I have to decide if I have written it the way I want it, or if I've taken it further than it needs to go or not far enough.  The ending is written and edited twenty times over, and I like it.  The beginning is written and I absolutely love it!  It is at about the three quarter point that I am having some trouble. It will all get worked out and I will be able to share with everyone very soon!  In the meantime if you would like to read The Key to her Heart, below is the link: