Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review of Trusting Jack

Review of Trusting Jack by Beth Hales

Trusting Jack is a passionate tale of healing after betrayal. Emma loved once, or thought she did at least, and then was not only betrayed but condemned by her own husband, Ryan. She was left broken. After she hid away from life. When she decides to take her life back and live as her heart longs to, she meets Jack. He is as opposite to Ryan as day is to night. She still questions whether its real. Can he truly like her for who she is? Is that possible? What if the past is repeating itself? There is a point when Sarah comes back on the scene that she thinks it is repeating. What if Ryan's critique of her is what is real? Just when she thinks she understands-- disaster does strike.

This was a wonderful romantic tale. It was right up my alley. There is a little danger in the story and a lot of Emma second guessing herself, but she is surrounded by good people now. The battle is not only if she can trust Jack, but what about Norah and Chris? Her actress boss and her best friend have so much love for her, but she still has Ryan's voice in her head. In the story Emma's battle is learning to trust and allowing her heart to heal and the lies she was told to fall away off her shoulders. When the past seems to be repeating itself will she hide again? Or stay and refuse to give up what she loves?

It was not just a category romance, but dealt with a woman who was scarred by an emotionally abusive husband. It has to do with her healing as much as finding love, and yet it's light and fun. There are scenes that made me laugh! Sometimes Emma's critique of herself made me want to cry. I have been where she is and had to dig my way out unsure who I could trust or even at times who I wanted to be. The title is perfect. The story is perfect.

This is a book I would recommend to romance readers that want something that's a little deeper than the typical category romance. I really loved Trusting Jack and I am certain many others will too!

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