Saturday, May 9, 2015

True tales

Alright here it goes. First I am probably not going to 'advertise' this post by talking about it on Facebook or Twitter because it is a little more personal. So if you come across this then either it is a God thing or you must really like reading my blog (that is really saying something considering the things I post!).
So my husband and I right now are paying for three houses. There are days where we don't know where the next tank of gas is coming from (as far as finances goes), and we do so much travel for Peter's medical and our religious devotion and also because of my medical stuff. On Friday it was one of these days. Peter had an appointment and I literally had spent my last dollar for his doctor. We were suppose to go to lunch and I had no cash. This was Peter's weekly time with his friend and so it was important. Honestly I didn't want to disappoint him but I had nothing. I had checked every pocket of my purse to be able to pay for the doctor appointment. I knew there wasn't even a dollar. We drove there thinking we would go there and talk then eat when we got home. I said a small prayer silently about our finances and we drove there. I reached into my purse to put my phone away and I found a ten and two ones, just enough for lunch. I know the money was not there a hour and a half earlier at the doctor's office. It was the proof I needed right then that God cares about each little thing in our life and it brought tears to my eyes. It was also a reminder that he still does have control over all even when I feel the most in a tail spin, and very honest at the moment before this happened I very much felt that dizzy tail spin with its wild scary out of control spiral downward. With that little bit of money for lunch it was a reminder it truly all is in his hand.
These little reminders I am grateful for. This is Cat out wishing you a blessed day.